Saturday, August 8, 2009

Open Seams

So I'm working on a project today that I think will turn into a coin quilt eventually. I'm using a Moda Jelly Roll, and so the strips are quite thin. I've decided to sew 5 of them together then cut into 4 1/2" sections. Here's the dilemna. Not much of one I know, but I'm curious. I ALWAYS iron my seams open. I feel that it gives a cleaner look and represents more of the fabric. I tried to sew all the seams in one direction, and just found that it looked sloppy and like one fabric was on top of the other. Am I crazy? Am I doing it wrong? Is there a secret method out there I don't know about? How do you iron your seams? I've started a poll on the sidebar to find out what everyone else's method is. AND until I learn or find a better way to sew my seams to the side, I'll keep on sewing them open.
Random thought, I know..


  1. I need a category of "Typically to the dark fabric"... 'cause I usually iron to one side, whichever is the darkest.

  2. But I don't think it really matters... "Whichever way the quilter (artist?) likes best" is my real answer! =-)