Monday, December 7, 2009

It's been so long between posts, I know! But the Christmas push is on. I have 2 more quilts to finish before Christmas, both rag quilts, and then the focus turns to baby. I think my doctor has a suspision that I might deliver early, and no doubt that my mom does, but I'm kind of excited about having a tiny baby around for Christmas. Not that I'm pushing things, she's not due until mid January. But until then, I have projects running out my ears, quilts first, bean bag chairs for the kids, and other tiny gifts bags & things. I've put together a picture site for my completed things, so that when I don't post on here, they can be seen there! Until next time...

Friday, November 13, 2009

On the 8th Day

I have been lost in a world of quilts this week! I can't believe it's Friday and I haven't posted yet! So sorry! I do have a lot of updates today tho. I have finished Susanah's dog quilt top, and and 50% done with Jen's Bloom & Grow quilt. Yippee! I will start quilting on both of these beauties next week. I have to go get the batting cut this weekend, and then they will start to look like real quilts! ALSO a long overdue quilt...Suzi's New Beginnings quilt is One strip away from being a finished top, after so many months! On another note this week, my birthday came and went without a lot of fanfare, which I appreciate, as I turned 30. Finally an adult. The kids suffered through about 16 hours of a minor cold, and we're off and running. This weekend we will decorate for Christmas, cause I'm getting too big to do it at any other point, and the Braxton-Hicks, well they weren't this bad with the first two! 8 more weeks and we still don't have a name either, but the diaper shower is next week, so maybe I'll get some help there. Another note..2 weeks until Turkey Day!!! Are you ready? I can't wait!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Just had to share this AMAZING tutorial I found for a new way of doing binding. It's genius. I wish I had thought of it. It will save so much time! Check it out here!

The tooth fairy comes early

Mornin! I feel like I've got so much accomplished in so little time over the past few days. Aside from sewing, I had to take my kids to the dentist for cleanings, and discovered that my oldest daughter has a broken tooth. Broken. Sheared in half. It's more amazing to know that she did it on her brother's head. So the dentist advised that it's going to have to come out. Now I already have a dentist fear/yuckiness/thing that I've had to get over, but now they want to take my baby, my first born and give her nitrous oxide and yank a tooth out of her head? OY. So, me being a paranoid fool, am getting a second opinion, and taking her to a dedicated pediatric dentistry practice. That was yesterday. On to quilt stuff. Susannah's Woof quilt is coming along nicely. I'm about done with half of the quilt top this morning, and will finish it up this weekend. Here is a preview:

Also, Jenelle's quilt squares are all cut up and staring at me ready to be sewn together. I LOVE this line. In fact, I love all of Riley Blake's fabrics. I just can't get enough of them.

I have also ordered some All Star fabric because I have decided to make the kids bean bag chairs for Christmas. The All Star line is perfect for my son, and my daughter will get one from the Park Slope line. I can't bring myself to cut this up for a quilt, so bean bag it is. From what I gather, they're pretty easy to make, so I can't wait to get started!

The day has finally come! Tonight I will travel to Tempe (I say travel because it is 1 1/2 hours from my house) to have my cookbook signed by Ree Drummond. I know, you're saying, WHO? The Pioneer Woman silly. Don't tell me you haven't been to her blog, be cause folks, you're missing out if you haven't. She's a huge inspiration with her cooking, photography, and most of all homeschooling. She just rocks. If you haven't been to her site lately, check it out. If you've never been, prepare to be addicted. She has massive giveaways. Awesome recipes. Witty Banter. Please, go visit her site today. You'll be glad you did.

Thursday, October 29, 2009


I love that point in a quilt when you finally get everything cut, and can start to put it together. Well, today I got to that point in Susannah's Woof quilt. Yippee! I even got the first pinwheel done, and hope to be done with them by early next week. On another note, we had some awesome Alaskan storm sweep down upon us in the SouthWest, and the high temps for the next couple days are in the 60's! 60's?!? Brrrr. I love finally being able to sleep under a blanket again, and it really gets me motivated to sew. If only I lived somewhere colder, I'd be sewing like a fool!

Ciao for now

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

La Di Da

I feel today is not a La Di Da day. I feel like it's a day to get caught up on things I've been neglecting. I've got several projects that are so close to being done that I want to get done before I get started on a custom quilt! My first of the season. I feel more prepared this year tho. I've got a quilt design program to pre-design quilts before I make them, and allow the customers to see what they're quilt will look like. It's not the $300 program, but maybe someday. For now, it works for my purposes. I am now in the 3rd trimester of my 3rd pregnancy. Almost done! My oldest is starting to read, and my youngest is potty trained. I guess I have accomplished a lot over this summer, but as the cool weather approaches, it's quilt season in full force again. Time to get back at it. Here is a glimpse of the Woof! custom quilt for Susannah:

It's a collaboration I can't wait to get started on. Fabric should arrive Friday! Happy Wednesday!