Monday, April 6, 2009

Well, after another lovely weekend Monday comes again. First the weekend. It all started 5am on Saturday morning. Garage Sale time! Without getting into specifics, we got rid of a lot of stuff, and didn't buy a darn thing! That's impresive. There is a pile of things that didn't get sold, however, waiting in mom's garage for me to pick up. Included are some mirrors for my sewing room (from Grandma), a baby swing that the kids still like to play with, and a whole tote full of crafty-ness. Saturday night meant a night of racing, and for me that meant the last time, and Manzanita Speedway. Long story short, this race track is closing after 51 years, and being leveled. It's a big deal around here. The actual last race is next Saturday night, the 11th, but with Easter the next day, I don't want to be all was a tired and groggy.

So now it's Monday. Jacob has been grumpy all day, so he went down for a nap earlier than usual. That gave Emma & I a chance to color eggs and get our Easter on. That was a blast! It's fun that this is the first year she'll really remember coloring eggs and the egg hunt, and everything that comes with Easter. She'll also be 4 in a little less than a month, so we are in the middle of birthday party plans as well. Doorbell rings, wakes up Mr. Grumpy, but the postman delivered more lovely mail today. I received a surprise thank you package from the Haasch clan in Wisconsin that included a digital camcorder that fits in your hand, an iphone case, and boy shirts. Man, good mail day! I also received the last 2 fat quarters from this fat quarter swap. I've got to say there's a theme! 3 of the 4 FQ's I received were a red color. The 4th....from New Zealand, is just do lovely I don't think I can cut it! It is a variety of babies in a park scene. It's adorable! I do know some friends who are having a baby tho...perhaps a wall decoration of some sort. Either, way, it was awesome to get some international fabric and send some out too. I'm really starting to love this swap thing! Hope you all are enjoying this Spring day! CIAO

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