Friday, April 3, 2009

How Lucky

So yesterday I received in the mail a GIANT 37 lb box of clothes from my dear friend Nicole in Wisconsin. For her to even ship a 37 lb box was pretty sweet, and it was just supposed to be her cleaning out her closet, and seeing if anything fit me. Guess what, it all fits! It's like a have a brand new wardrobe. It's pretty cool to have such great friends!

And then today I received my mini Easter swap pacakge from Christine. This is a talented lady! Not only did she take the time to make everything she sent, but it's just gorgeous. I've included a picture so I could brag her up a bit! I want to thank Emile at Bunch of Scrap for hosting a cool swap, and for having a great middle name! (She spells it Nichole, just like mine!) I also received a fat quarter and some matching buttons from Lisa in Canada today. It's just a happy day over here! I'm anxious to host one of these myself, but with Easter, Emma's 4th bday, our 6th anniversary, and garage sales, and whatever else might come up in the next month, it might have to wait until summer!


  1. Awesome stuff! Christine had emailed me a picture of the runner.. LUCKY GIRL YOU ARE! I am asking people what they would think about a Memorial Day swap? Is that too much like 4th of July? Would a Mother's Day Swap be better? Or both?

  2. I love the idea of a Mother's Day swap, and you could absolutley do a Memorial Day one too...sort of a beginning of summer type of thing, I think they both would be fun!