Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A Quilt for the hubby

Always a challenge. Especially since I am still not at a year since I picked up quilting again, and my stash seems to only consist of girly/flowery fabrics. Well, first we had to decide on a pattern. We went thru some flickr pictures and both arrived at a decision at the same time. A Bento Box quilt inspired by this picture from Crazy Mom Quilts. Got it. Striking pattern, masculine, perfect for a manly man. Now the colors. I had nothing in my stash, and a lack of available funds to go buy a bunch of manly fabric. So I thought I might just try my hand at the block first and pick out some fabrics later. Here's what happened:

A basic blue and white was all it took for me to fall in love with. My husband of course took all the credit for picking out such an awesome pattern (men). It turned out to be so much easier than I had expected, and goes together so quickly. The best part is that it makes 15" blocks, so the top should be done in no time! My measurements were off a bit on the first one (left), but it's not too noticeable, so I think I'll leave the seam ripper in the drawer for now. Yeah Bento Box! My new fav pattern of the moment!

I also managed to put together another baby quilt for the shop. Check it out! Christmas is coming up!

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