Monday, June 22, 2009

So, inspiration is slowly creeping in again. Woo Hoo! Maybe it's just cause I've had a whole half day without nausea! However, I have some fabric that I intend to use for a wedding quilt. A while back I was determined to do a double wedding ring pattern, but now I'm thinking that it may be too traditional. So here's my question for you. Have you ever done a quilt as a wedding present, and if so was it traditional or a differnt pattern. Would you be willing to share pictures? I'd love to have some additional inspriation to go off of. Thanks bloggy friends! Hope you're having and excellent and COOL week. 110 here this week! Yikes! Happy for some air!


  1. I have not made a quilt for a wedding, but I *have* made a wedding ring quilt... NOT to be confused with a Double Wedding Ring quilt!! I did it because I was NOT ready for the challenge that is Double Wedding Ring. =-) Umm... My computer is not cooperating today, but I'll *try* to get some pictures of it up today on my blog
    K? =-) Good luck with whatever you decide to do!

  2. thank you for sharing the tutorial..